September 28, 2009

Great Gorge

Holy moly, we've been busy!  Closing on the house and moving was a crazy experience.  Our close date got moved at least 4 times.  The last time, we had already packed up the truck and feared we would not have a place to sleep!  We did close, FINALLY, and worked our butts off the next 5 days.

Renata and I were so proud of our husbands.  Since closing was such a rush and we had such little notice, Drew and Tom did the majority of moving by themselves.  They packed up the truck alone, unpacked the first load with the help of Drew's dad, packed up the second load alone, unpacked the second load with Jason and Mike, packed up the third load alone, and unpacked it alone.  And that's just the official moving truck.  Many trips were made to our houses in cars and much was moved by Drew and Tom's sore muscles.  By the end of the 4th evening, Drew crashed into bed, told me how sore he was, and promptly fell asleep.

Renata and I did as much unpacking as we could.  And, before you can ask, I only used the pregnancy card a couple of times during the whole process :)  Just kidding!  Sort of.  I was trying to keep busy, but was absolutely not allowed to lift anything, push anything or even travel up and down the stairs too many times, to my chastisement!

We do want to thank Drew's parents, Jason, Mike, Tom's parents, Kim, and Shannon for being huge helps!  (Seriously, thank you thank you for making my bed on the first night!)

Renata and I had one weekend, yes ONE, to get a lot done before our fall wedding season took off with 6 wedding weekends in a row.  We're finding out that, between the two of us, we'd make the absolute perfect housewife!  Renata is so clean and hates clutter (soooo not me!) and keeps our place looking neat and clean.  I have loved doing the cooking and haven't even minded doing the dishes!  We spend at least a little portion of each day together and I'm loving it!

We still have a long way to go, but I figured I could at least give a little peek into the house!  Welcome to the first shots of Great Gorge or, as it's being affectionately referred to, the AckerJanes.

Here is our living room, which we are super proud of! :)

And my favorite room so far, the giant kitchen!

We found some old Polaroid film in a box and decided to use the 40 or so shots left to document the first guests in our home and stick them on the fridge!  There's still some room left, so come over!

We're still ironing out some necessary kinks, but so far it's been fantastic.  I've been joking that it's like getting married again.  Nobody has to go home after a late night of hanging out.  We just go to our rooms.  We share meals.  There's almost always someone to hang out with.  You can be jealous. :)

I promise we will showcase a full tour of our house in a month or so!


Ashley said...

Beautiful!!! Love the living room.

Drew Miller said...

Looks great! Lots of natural light. Love the bench at the kitchen table.

The Knights said...

OH MY GOSH! I LOVE the hard wood floors! It looks really great. :)

Kelly Collinson said...

i wanna be on the fridge! love the place...congrats!

Adrienne said...

Your house is so hot!

Bonnie said...

Your home is beautiful just as I knew it would be. . . modern, clean lines, uncluttered, light, airy. I'm jealous!!!

maria said...

love it!! the hardwood floors are beautiful, the kitchen is huge and perfect...and lots of natural light to photograph the kids :) can't wait to see it in person!

Andrea said...

Thanks everyone! More pictures to come! :)