March 30, 2010

Work it, girl

It's been 18 days and this is the first day I brought out the big guns camera!  Look at this gorgeous girl:

(Love the headband, right?  It's from Knits and What Knots!)

We don't think she smiles on purpose yet, but it's a smile none the less!

And the last one...poor Jolie.  This is the "Mom-why-are-you-doing-this-to-me" face. :)

I've been anxious to try and take her picture the past 2 weeks, and now I figured out some tricks!  More to come, I'm sure.


Ihesha said...

She's adorable, you guys did great!! ::two thumbs up::

Angie said...

I honestly wondered how you could possibly have a baby who looks JUST like you and JUST like Drew.

Surprisingly enough - you've managed to do it - and she's adorable!

Stacie said...

she won't smile on purpose for a few more months. that's the social smile milestone. i know this from being an aunt.

pretty jolie.

Nick and Kaley said...

I just want to call her a little jelly bean! :)