June 02, 2009

A new leaf

So, we've decided to start a family.  Or at least give it a try, for that matter. :)  

I've been thinking about having babies on and off for a year or so, trying hard to wait for right time and really letting Drew make his decision without manipulation.  Once 2009 hit, I was ready.  Sure, I'm young.  Sure, we're not rich.  But there will always be a reason to wait.  And we both want to be young and full of energy...and on a personal note, I want my body to be in the best shape to bounce back!  

Drew wasn't quite there yet, and I really wanted to give him his space and not pressure him for a decision.  In April, after some thinking and reading (thanks, Brian McLaren!), Drew made up his mind and decided we should go for it.

So, we decided to stop using the pill and just kind of see what happens.  I'm not calculating my ovulation or body temperature or anything.  I'm trying hard not to think about it all the time!

In our first month, I've already taken 3 pregnancy tests...with negative results.  And that's okay.  I'm trusting that when it happens is the right time; God knows the date already and that's best.  

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