August 17, 2009

The first 11 weeks

Week 11

Finally!  My appetite is returning!  I got on the scale last week and was shocked to see that I have dropped 10 pounds.  TEN.  Um, shouldn't I be gaining weight?  I'm sure it will come soon enough, but it was a little concerning.  

Reading over the last few weeks makes it seem so short.  But time has been dragging!  As I approach the end of week 11, and the beginning of coveted week 12, I feel so many things.  I'm almost relieved...and I'm still scared...and I'm just ready.  On Monday, I have my first doctor's appointment and ultrasound and, if everything is well, we go public.  And I'm still not sure how I feel about that.  It will be a different experience for sure.  Our poor parents have been troopers and I think everyone will be relieved after Monday.  

I can definitely tell that my uterus is expanding this week!  It's positioned lower than I thought, but I did a double take in the mirror when I saw it.  

It still hasn't quite sunk in for Drew, yet.  But I have money on the fact that he'll shed a tear or two at the ultrasound on Monday :)

Week 10 & 2 years

Here I am, at the beginning of week 10, trying to choke down a tuna sandwich. My gag reflex has been on overdrive lately. It seems I can hardly brush my teeth without gagging and I have to yawn very carefully. Another fun fact, my ears pop a lot. It feels like they are clogged, which causes me to yawn, which causes me to gag...which we know is trouble. Pregnancy sure is glamorous.

On a happier note, today is Drew and my two year anniversary! It's been so overshadowed by the baby thing and the moving thing that we nearly forgot. But at this moment, I am overwhelmingly grateful. Grateful for my sweet hearted husband, grateful for my life.

Weeks 8 & 9

Am I being monotonous yet? Week 8 & 9 are about the same. It was a little crazy to pass the 2 month mark and I'm starting to get very anxious to just get to 12 weeks, see the ultrasound and tell the world. It's just so's getting harder to keep my feelings in check. I find myself being extremely anxious sometimes about everything: miscarriage, finding out the sex, birth, being a parent. The list could go on.

I am finding already that just as marriage has been used in my life to draw me close to God and shape my character, being pregnant is another heart changer.

Week 7

Dear Week 7 baby,

You were so much better than week 6.  I can't describe how happy this has made me.  Even though you only let me eat about 1/4 of what I usually do and sleep frequently...and be winded after going up the stairs, I am appreciative.  

Thanks for waking me up promptly at 4am every night.  I appreciate the bathroom break reminder, and so does Drew.  

Because of week 6, I actually weigh less this week; my pants are a little looser!  It's difficult to tell if there's a little bump...but that will come soon enough. :)

We told our LifeGroup about you this week!  They were all very excited and are praying for you, which we are grateful for.  

Baby, you are doing weird things to my body!  My body hair grows extremely fast!  I have to shave 2x more frequently.  

Even though I still have several food aversions and am pretty picky, I am grateful for you.  And hopeful that I will get to see you soon.  

Week 6

The first 5 weeks of my first pregnancy have been relatively uneventful, at least body change wise.  The 6th week, if I may say, was a bitch.

I woke up Tuesday morning feeling queasy.  My first instinct was just a stomach bug.  But it didn't go away.  On Wednesday, I picked up my week-by-week pregnancy book only to find out that morning sickness usually begins around week 6.  Awesome.

Since then, I have been nauseous everyday from sun up to sun down.  My appetite is 1/4 of what it usually is, even though sometimes I feel hungry.  Since I can't eat, my body is tired all the time.  I get winded going up the stairs.  And I wake up several times during the night, either to pee or just continue feeling nauseous.  I've been taking about two naps a day, once in the late morning and once when Drew gets home.  

This week, we celebrated Drew's 26th birthday!  We took a trip to Philadelphia to celebrate and Drew was very gracious with his sicky wife.  We also took our video camera and Drew made this:

Here's hoping week 7 is better!

The first 5 weeks

This week marks the sixth week of my first pregnancy.  Sometimes, I can really tell.  Sometimes, I forget.  I've felt some tingles in my body that feel like what I imagine mild electrical stimulation would feel like.  I haven't had any nausea yet, so that's a plus.

I have been craving green vegetables, especially spinach!  I've been really wanting ice water and having to go to the bathroom what feels like every 20 minutes.  
We told our parents a couple of weeks ago.  We told Drew's family on a whim while on vacation at Hilton Head, scaring a couple of people in Panera.  We told my parents at home on the porch.  Everyone's excited, but still trying to be cautious.  

I don't have an appointment with my OB/GYN until the end of next month, so we'll find out a lot then, I'm sure.

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