August 31, 2009

Moving on and moving out

Apparently, Drew and I can't do just one big life change at a time.  We got married 3 months after I graduated college, 2 months after I started my first real job.  Neither of us had never lived anywhere but our parents' houses outside of college.  What a whirlwind time.  Now, at the onset of the pregnancy, we are preparing to make another huge life change: moving.  And not only moving, but living with another family.  

We decided to live with the Janes in late winter and began joint house hunting.  After 2 failed offers, we were beginning to feel discouraged.  Finally, on a whim, Tom and Renata found a new development of townhouses being built right near our church and parents.  We signed a contract in April and the house went up quick!  We were supposed to close today, but due to several different things, we are still in our basement room with our boxes.  

We are excited to move into our brand spankin' new house and even more excited to live with some of our best friends.  We should probably credit Tom and Renata for encouraging our desire to have kids, as they have two incredibly cute boys.  

Both families know we're giving up some things.  But the pros outweigh the cons.  We've all prayed and thought and discussed and made lists.  While it will be challenging at times, this decision is allowing both me and Renata to stay at home and still afford a house.  We'll be working from the house, as we do from our homes now, but our priorities are our families, and this gives us the opportunity to serve our families better.  And the biggest plus?  No longer throwing away money for rent.  Yesss.  

Hopefully closing will happen sometime this week.  And I'm sure I'll be posting pictures I take with my new little point-and-shoot Canon, which Drew and I bought this weekend!


Brittany said...

yeah for you all! thats going to be one FUN household! ...... i can't blame you for wanting a baby because she does have some cute kids! =)

j f n said...

it's like moving...on steroids. awesome.