August 28, 2009

The Thank You post

It's been 13 hours, 50+ Facebook comments, 3 text messages, and many phone calls since our news went public.  And we want to say THANK YOU for the kind words and support!  Being privately pregnant is a much different beast than being publicly pregnant and we are so grateful for our friends and family. :)

I'd love to chat with everyone who asked us questions, but since that's not possible, I figured I'd post an all-clarifying list of facts:

1. Yes, it's true.  I am pregnant.
2. I am due smack in the middle of March.  We found out at the end of June and I'll be 12 weeks along on Tuesday.
3. The past 2 months were challenging for me, with a lot of nausea and tiredness (especially not being able to tell anyone!), but the past two weeks have been looking up and I'm feeling better all the time!
4. I'm not showing at all really, so don't think I'm lying if you see me in person.
5. No, Baby Ack's name will not begin with the letter "A" or be another kind of derivation from "Andrew", like "Andre".
6. I think we're ALL hoping it looks more like me than Drew.  Just kidding. :)

It's been fun telling and getting reactions like these:
  • Let's hope he/she looks more like you, Drea.  Thanks, Bob! :)
  • To Drew: So, you figured it out, huh?  Uncle Alex in CO
  • I can't wait until little Jessica Sheena Ackermann is born...Maybe Sheena Jessica Ackermann is more appropriate...Maybe Booze Sheena Jessica Ackermann would be best.  Jessica, Sheena, Jenn via email
Seriously though, thank you for the messages of support!  Please feel free to call us, take us out to dinner, join me in peer pressuring Drew to sleep on the couch so I can have the whole bed once in a while, suggest great baby music, and get excited :)


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you two, now three! You all are a great couple and both have such sweet hearts for the Lord.

I love your baby pics, and thank you for sharing them with everyone. It is great to hear all the details about what you are going through :)

Love, Christina Woodward!

Kelly Collinson said...

Love love love this blog. Please keep doing it.
You guys are great and deserve all the best...lots of prayers out there for you two (three).
:) Love...