October 20, 2009

Jolie Kate Ackermann

Two weeks ago, Drew and I went for the 18th week sonogram of Baby Ack.  We really wanted to find out what this little person was, and I was told by some wise women to drink a Mountain Dew before going to ensure baby moved around a lot.  Since our appointment was at 8am and I had to drink the fluid an hour before, I was up at 6:30 chugging 16 ounces of Mountain Dew.  Ick.  Halfway through, I told Drew that I never wanted to drink Mountain Dew ever again.

It paid off, though!  Not only did we get to find out sweet baby's gender, we got to see her move around like crazy!  Drew stood behind the technician's shoulder, enthralled, and I smiled like an idiot the entire time.

We wanted to find out the gender alone, so we had the technician (who was super nice) print out the image and put it in an envelope for us.  We planned on having breakfast together to open it, but couldn't even wait until we go to the restaurant.  We tore it open in the car.

She kindly drew us a diagram. :)  Sweet baby GIRL!  We both were ecstatic and started calling people right away.  We had already decided on names for either gender, and we're happy to announce that her full name will be Jolie Kate Ackermann (first name pronounced JOlee).  Holy moly, I love her already.

At breakfast, I couldn't stop being excited.  Maybe it was all that Mountain Dew. :)

The technician printed out so many images for us; the paper stretched out was my height!  Here are some cool ones:

Beautifully formed spine:

Suuuper creepy image of her face.  We both kind of jumped when it came up on the screen.  I got to see her sweet little lips move around and I totally think she has my jawline :)

Profile!  Drew's nose maybe?

Arms and legs both crossed:

The technician showed us her four heart chambers, different organs, brain, everything.  I was amazed.  Everything is looking good and I came out of there feeling so, so grateful.

Now that we know she's a she and she even has a name, I feel so many things.  I have moments of intense fear over everything, and I have days of deep, deep contentment.  Mostly, I am finding how crazy it is to love this little thing so much without ever having seen her face to face.  I can't wait to dress her up and sing to her and take her places and to call her Jo and for people to say, "She looks just like you!".  I can't wait for the rest of her story.


Love or Nothing said...

that's a beautiful name :) how did you guys pick it out? miss you two, and love you! and love little JK!!!

Kristen said...

my favorite is the profile shot, sweet baby girl Jolie looks so content in your tummy Drea! Are you just loving feeling her move around? This is too exciting, congrats again to you both :)

Randi said...

Oh my word! You're having a baby!! you guys are gonna be the greatest parents. she's a lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Jolie is actually one of the girl names I considered when I was pregnant with Cohen :)

Jennifer said...
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