December 14, 2009

27 weeks and getting fatter...

I've really ballooned in the two months!  At my last doctor's visit, I had gained 10 pounds in ONE MONTH.  Holla at some Mexican food. :)

There is no denying I'm pregnant anymore and this month marks my first experiences with strangers asking me about the pregnancy.  I like it!

Jolie weighs about 2 pounds now and I can feel her stretching those 16 inches of height.  My stomach frequently changes shape.  Drew and I felt a foot or hand or something the other night, which was cool.  I'm right on target with the book and having weird dreams about what she looks like (including being completely covered in hair and distinctly looking like Drew...but an asian girl...).  

Third trimester, here we come!


Anonymous said...

I took pictures every 4 weeks as well when I had Erica, except your picture here at 27 weeks, looked like mine at 16:) Your beautiful!

Love or Nothing said...

you are the cutest pregnant woman ever :) love you!! i can't WAIT to meet jolie!!

j f n said...

good gracious! are you really 27 weeks!!!!


wow. ah-mazing. =)