January 30, 2010

November-January : The Holidays, et al.

I guess since it is January, I should probably just get my holiday post over with.  The pictures have just been sitting patiently, waiting.  A lot happened in the past three months I'd like to archive!


I got to have lunch with a fellow preggers, Danny!  Our husbands were best friends in childhood and it's really cool to be going through the experience with her.  We both super crave Mexican, so we went to On the Border and unashamedly ate our weight in Tex Mex.  Mmm.

Smizzle got engaged this year!  I got to see her briefly for dinner...and got asked to be a bridesmaid - holla!

For our last childless Thanksgiving, we went on vacation with Drew's family to the Poconos.  It was wonderfully relaxing!  We stayed in a gorgeous cabin on a lake, read to our hearts' content, visited Scranton and had a great time.


The Christmas season was a little overwhelming for me this year.  I entered my third trimester...and became somewhat annoyed. :)  Amidst hustle and bustle, we really tried to soak up Christmas this year.  And we even let ourselves dream a little of next year when there's a little one to wake up on Christmas morning! 

Renata's dad, Charlie, came to start work on Jolie's room!  The boys have worked tirelessly over several weekends and it's almost done.

This was scary:

I got to go to my first Sara Groves concert this year!  We drove all the way to Hershey, PA on a weeknight, arrived a little late, and drove home in blinding snow (and at an average of 25 MPH) all the way home.  This picture is blurry, but it was a great concert and worth noting.

Last year, Drew and I did not exchange Christmas gifts.  I think we went on a trip and called it our mutually beneficial Christmas exchange.  This year, we purposefully decided to get gifts.  Drew pimped it out.  

A few weeks before Christmas, he told me that my Christmas present needed to be given over a certain weekend in December.  And even though we ended up ruining the surprise (THAT'S a funny story that includes pregnancy hormones), it was fantastic.  He planned a weekend trip to New York City, including site seeing, the Brooklyn Tabernacle and a visit to the Rockettes!

I also got to see my childhood best friend, Elizabeth, who happened to be in NYC the same weekend!  We had lunch in Union Station.

Funny enough, we actually escaped a good deal of snow by traveling north.  At home, they received about 2 feet of snow.  We got a dusting in New York...just enough to feel like Christmas. :)

I had a fantastic time in New York and loved being surprised.  I did get Drew a gift (that didn't even hold a candle to his) that he opened first thing Christmas morning: several books he wanted, new slippers, new pajama pants and a picture frame for Jolie to sit on his desk.  He liked them.  Then, he gave me ANOTHER gift - a maternity massage.  Let's just take a moment to reflect on Drew's awesomeness.  :)

We spent Christmas traveling between both of our families, which was kind of crazy, but good.  My sister, Rachel and her husband Harry were town from Texas and it was SO SO GOOD to see them.  My parents randomly decided to purchase a Wii and we spent the day eating and laughing.  Instead of exchanging presents this year, my mom just decided to pimp out the food, which did include cookies that her and I made a few weeks prior with my new Williams Sonoma cookie cutters!


For New Year's, the AckerJanes decided to party it up at our place!  We invited over our LifeGroup and friends.  As is becoming tradition, hats were made and the photobooth took place.  Drew and I kicked butt in the Wii tennis tournament!  It was wonderful bringing in the New Year with those people. :)

Overall, I enjoyed the holidays, but was glad when they were over.  I couldn't believe that there were no more significant holidays before the baby comes.  And I still can't.  But, bring on baby. :)

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