February 02, 2010

34 week thoughts

Ever wonder what I would look like if I gained 15 pounds in my middle?  Here's what 34 weeks looks like:

Yes, for you Salisburians, I am indeed wearing the free t-shirt I got when SU redid Fireside Lounge.  It's pretty snug. :)

Time is flying and creeping at the same time.  I remember just trying to get to 12 weeks so we could finally tell everyone.  I remember reaching 20 weeks and realizing how big of a milestone it was.  I remember the first time my pants did not fit and thinking how much I was showing (this is laughable).  And now, here we are, at the brink of 35 weeks - 2 weeks from being full term.  Holy crap.

Now that I've experienced nearly an entire pregnancy, I'd like to make some observations:

1. I don't think I will miss being pregnant.  A lot of women have told me both, but I think I'll be okay.  I understand why some women do this just once.  It takes quite a toll on your body!  I am constantly in a state of discomfort, my belly button has all but disappeared, and sometimes, I really fear that my stomach skin just might not make it.  I will say, though, that I have had an easy pregnancy and it's been fun.  I will most certainly do it again.

2. I WILL miss maternity pants!  Oh, the joys of stretchy material and no worries of fat rolls.  Wonderful, wonderful invention.

3. I always thought the reason pregnant ladies waddled was because of balance.  I was wrong.  We waddle because our hip joints and back hurt.  I'm fine on my feet balance wise, but that waddle just relieves a little bit of the pain.

4. There really is a "honeymoon" stage of pregnancy and it IS the second trimester.  I was literally in a state of constant EUPHORIA during my entire second trimester.  I cried because I was SO HAPPY.  The week that I entered third trimester...well...there was definitely a change. :)  Poor Drew.

5. Being touched on the belly is actually enjoyable.  Renata didn't like it, but I do!  I don't mind when women (even strangers) ask to give it a rub.  It's just so round and there's a cute little baby in there!  Men should still not cross that line, however. :)  

6. A birth class is not a waste of time!  Drew and I took the 4 week class at AAMC and really benefitted from it.  I would recommend it to all first timers.

7. Husbands are the best idea EVER.  No matter what I always have someone around who will rub my back, help me put on my socks, pick up things I drop, make sure my fly is not undone (since I can't see it anymore), tell me how pretty he thinks I look, freak out with me over how weird my belly looks when she rolls around, encourage me, listen to every fear and keep me grounded.  Even though I get jealous sometimes that he gets to be a parent without going through birthing the child, I am so glad Drew is around.  

8. Nesting is REAL!  I am anxious to put things away and get things ready.  Since Jolie's room is not quite done yet, I have been limited to rearranging piles of her stuff in my room.  It's killing me a little.

9. Besides labor and delivery, I think my biggest fear is that she will actually come out a boy and I will have nothing but pink things to dress him in.  I'm praying about this one. :)

I have many more observations.  But this will do for now. :)  I'm going to take a pregnancy nap while I still can.


jfn said...

no words. just =)


Kimberly said...

I will never understand the compulsion that some (most?) women have to touch the body of a pregnant woman, but it appears to be the norm, so I guess I'm an aberration. It creeps me out that people would want to touch me if I was pregnant!

Your attitude about the whole thing is admirable--and you look absolutely stunning in your pregnancy photo. :)

-Kim Janes

Love or Nothing said...

girl , you look GREAT. i can't wait to meet that precious baby girl! i'm praying everything will go well. and say hi to drew for me!