February 04, 2010

A few of my favorite things

As mentioned in the last post, the nesting instinct is starting to kick in hard core.  Never before have I had such a strong desire to organize, clean and organize again (Chrissy? Kaley? Jessica? DREW? Back me up, here).  I have started a "Jolie" pile in one corner of my room that is slowly growing.  Mostly, I am excited about organizing her clothes. :)

It started with these shoes.  They still sit on my dresser where I can see them everyday.  Now, however, we have entered the world of super cute hand-me-downs and thoughtful gifts!  Baby clothes are so. cute.  Since I have no closet to show yet or baby to dress, I figured I might as well confess my mini obsession with Jolie's wardrobe and show you how cute some of this stuff is.

Renata has been coming home with a thing or two over the past couple of months.  One day, she came home with these:

A former photography client of ours started her own Etsy business and her stuff is gorgeous!  I HAD to buy some stuff from Knits and What Knots!  I got a sweet hat:

And this ridiculously adorable headband:

Even though I have no baby to dress yet, I still like to go through the clothes and pick out little outfits.  Go ahead, call me crazy.  I don't care. :)  My favorite so far (compliments of Rachael and Ava!):

I would totally wear this.  Jo is going to be my mini-me.  :)  

Thank you for indulging the crazy pregnant lady.


Bryan and Elise said...

CUTE!!!! I love girl's baby clothes! She is going to be adorable!

Shannon Brown said...

Okay, seriously, I almost got you that headband from Chantel!!!! LOVE it!!!

tp said...

when you referred to her as "Jo" I melted inside.

Kaley said...

Drea, your urge to be unorganized wasn't that bad! :) At least not as bad as my Jessica Simpson Poster!