February 07, 2010

Jolie in 3D!

After weeks of constant wondering, bizarre dreams and almost unbearable impatience, I got a break.  We discovered that our medical benefits would cover an elective ultrasound - even in 3D!  I scheduled an appointment for the next morning. :)

My mom came with me and we got to see fully developed Jolie, looking ever so much like an actual baby.  The last time I saw her was almost 20 weeks ago, and boy oh boy, little lady has changed.  

I have worried for a couple weeks now over if she would, in fact, come out a boy and I would have to return everything pink.  It is confirmed that she is indeed a girl and I have begun cutting tags!  :)  Weighing in about 5 pounds and probably a little shorter than 20 inches, she has a head full of hair (oohh, I hope it's dark!) and is nice and chubby!  The technician showed us her fat little butt, chunky forearm and even a fat roll on the back of her neck.  Mom and I died.  Apparently, she has a wide head, too, which is something every first time preggo wants to hear. :)

As far as what she may look like, we determined that she does have Asian eyes and a wide face like me.  Her mouth, though, is all Drew.  Proof:

Jolie was pretty mad at us for interrupting her rest time; she kept trying to hide behind the placenta and her hand, and gave us a couple of mad faces, which Mom and I still loved:

We also got to see her in 2D from the side and got to watch her little mouth move around.  We got a great shot of her puckering:

And, of course, she sucked her thumb, probably trying to get us to stay away :)  (P.S. Please ignore the "I Love You!".  I'm not sure why technicians think you want that on an ultrasound picture.)

It's crazy to sort of know what she looks like!  And it's even crazier to think that we're just a few short weeks away from seeing her in person!


jfn said...

my favorite is the puckering one!

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

Look at that cute baby nose! SQUEEE!

So, whenever we stop having all of this ridiculous snow, we can go ahead and get together :)

(If you wanna send me questions and the like via email, that's cool too... btw, check out jillian's drawers for a neat "trial run" offer that you might want to capitalize on in the beginning)

Love or Nothing said...

i'm so excited, can't wait to meet herrrr :)