February 18, 2010

SnOMG 2010

I guess since Drew and I missed the first big snow of the season for NYC, it was only fair that we be here for the mother load.  We've been snowed in for almost a week, with Drew only going to work one day.

Our street:

We're at the very end of the road, so we haven't gotten a lot of help from the plows.  Drew and Tom have shoveled very valiantly.

The amount of snow we got is just ridiculous.  Ree. Dic. You. Luss.  I was up to my thighs and could comfortably sit.

The plowing and snow drifts were as tall as Drew:

Renata and Tom brought the boys out to play; it was fun watching them try to traverse the snow!

Jack just wanted to eat it.

We even tried a little sledding down the small hill in front of our place.

I love Hayden's "That was VERY fun!".

We are all super sick of the snow now, but it will be fun to remember the blizzard of 2010!

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